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Rave & Resist

What is the role of activism on the dancefloor? With a screening of Jan Beddegenoodts 'Rave & resist'.
This event is in English
Friday 8 Nov 2019, 20.00
vr 8 nov 2019, 20.00

Screening of Jan Beddegenoodts docu-triptych 'Rave & Resist' in which he followed three protagonists from different cities that combined the local nightlife with activism and the fight for equality. We will discuss the role of activism on the dancefloor with national and international experts, artists, organizers and, of course, you... How can music, clubs and going out contribute to divers city life and which patterns can we detect all around the world?


Rave & Resist reflects on the necessity of physical and mental free spaces in the city. The program is built around 3 new short-films by director Jan Beddegenoodts. Together with Bogomir Doringer and Liese Kingma we’ll discuss the importance of safe and inclusive nightlife in the city.

  • Bogomir Doringer curated Dance of Urgency, a exposition and research into dancing and nightlife as a form of expression and protest. How can dancing in clubs reflect the socio-political struggles of groups or individuals?
  • Liese Kingma will share her experiences with the platform Space of Urgency and will join the conversation about the importance of creating free spaces within the city where you can express yourself, communicate and dance.

Documentary series Rave & Resist

Rave & Resist is a collection of three short documentaries by Jan Beddegenoodts. These films create a frame of thought to reflect on the reality of our own city. Because a lot of stuff is being built but what’s still standing?

  • Ayed (2018, 18 minutes) Portrait of Ayed Fadel, member of Jazar Crew and one of the leading figures of the Palestinian cultural underground scene.
  • Naja (2018, 16 minutes) Portrait of Naja Orashvili, one of the thriving forces behind the Georgian ‘Rave Revolution’.
  • Sama (2019, 13 minuten): Portrait of Sama Abdulhadi, the Palestinian techo queen blasting around the globe.

Films produced by Deepfocus Webdocs &  CAMELTOWN:

This event is in English
Friday 8 Nov 2019, 20.00
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