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Docu: Amsterdam Heroes

A documentary about freedom and everyday heroism in the Diamantbuurt, de Pijp. With q&a.
This event is in English
Friday 3 May 2019, 20.00
vr 3 mei 2019, 20.00

What does freedom mean for the residents of the Diamantbuurt in the Pijp? In the documentary, we meet resident Luciano Balestra (23), one of the best freerunners of the Netherlands, who takes us to this cultural and socio-economic diverse neighbourhood full of monuments and history. Luciano uses the city as his playground. Playing with natural obstacles he moves from one point to the other as quickly and athletic as possible. Overcoming obstacles, perseverance and not giving in to his fears. These values in freerunning are the same in people's daily lives, overcoming problems and playing the heroic role in your own life story. Against the backdrop of ‘Amsterdam School’ Architecture in the Diamond district, we meet the inhabitants of the neighborhood and hear their stories.

About the speakers:

  • Julia Strijland is the director of the documentary ‘Amsterdam Heroes’.  According to Julia, there is a story to everyone’s life. Why only prize the winners or exceptional people? In this documentary, she tells the stories of the ‘real’ Amsterdam heroes: the inhabitants of the Diamond district in Amsterdam.
  • Nanke Verloo is Assistant Professor in Urban Planning. Her work specializes in processes of urban governance, conflict, citizen participation, and in- and exclusion of marginalized groups. She is trained in Anthropology and Political Science. Her research and teaching in Urban Planning take an interdisciplinary and ethnographic perspective on planning for inclusive cities.
  • Henk Griffioen is founder of and volunteer at Plan C, a community centre in the Diamond district where local residents can share their talents and creativity.
  • Bram Bos is a resident of the Diamantbuurt and lives in one of the monumental buildings in the neighbourhood.

AMSTERDAMSE HELDEN TRAILER from Julia Strijland on Vimeo.

Concept, director: Julia Strijland
Production: MoMo Productions
Camera: Marco Nauta
Montage: Casper van Zeelt
Freerunner: Luciano Balestra
Singing: Ana Balestra

Length: 67  min.
Language: Dutch
Subtitles: English


This event is in English
Friday 3 May 2019, 20.00
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