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Docu: AGORÁ – From Democracy to the Market

The transformation of Greece: from the heart of democracy to a place for commercial transactions.
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Wednesday 15 Mar 2017, 17.30
wo 15 mrt 2017, 17.30

The Agorá was a central area in Ancient Greece city-states. It was a gathering place, an assembly of active citizens, and the City centre for political, economical, athletic, artistic and spiritual life. It was the heart of democracy. In Modern Greece, the word Agorá has lost its initial sense and it has come to denote solely the place and act of commercial transactions. It is a dominant word in the reality experienced today by Greeks, as the country goes through an economical vortex that devours human lives in its path.

Greece, a symbol of European civilization because of its ancient heritage, is experiencing conditions which no one in post-war Europe imagined they would face again. Homelessness, soup kitchens, unemployment, poverty, social instability, violent clashes and the rapid rise of the far Right. The dream of prosperity has turned into a nightmare and the political stage of the last four decades is crumbling.

  • Director: Yorgos Avgeropoulos
  • Language: Greek, English, German , English subtitles
  • Duration: 117 minutes

About director Yorgos Avgeropoulos

Yorgos Avgeropoulos, an internationally acclaimed Greek documentary filmmaker, witnesses the fall. After 13 years of ongoing reporting and documenting global issues around the world, he urgently turns his camera towards his homeland. He records the development of the crisis from its early stage, while tracing its impact on the lives of simple people from all social classes whom he observes over time. He witnesses popular protests in the streets, the development of solidarity movements as well as the rise of fascism, while at the same time he seeks answers from his country’s most significant political personalities, from insiders, analysts and key decision makers from the international political scene.

This event is in English
Wednesday 15 Mar 2017, 17.30
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