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Design in the Blockchain Society

How do you design when everything is a user?
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The hype has faded, the dust settled - now is the moment to investigate the implementation of decentralized technologies and their implications on society. As big players in the financial system are working on the next steps of blockchain roll-out, we bring to you a group of new, critical voices in the blockchain space and beyond, to reflect collectively on what this technology means for us all.
Design in the Blockchain Society explores how a new generation of designers is creating services for a recently integrated landscape of human, technological, and natural agents. What does it mean to design for this synaptic space?


Kei Kreutler is a researcher and artist. She is currently Head of Strategy at Gnosis, a company building predictive software. Her project-based practice focuses on new cosmograms and utopian conspiracies, and her work has been exhibited at organizations including the Victoria & Albert Museum and FACT Liverpool.

Arthur Röing Baer is a co-organiser of Trust, a space for utopian conspiracy and platform design in Berlin. His work focuses on solidarity-based digital infrastructure, with previous work on new forms of leverage for trucker unions in Russia & protocol design for worker-owned taxi networks. He is currently researching the concept of the European Stack. 


Francesco Degl’Innocenti is an architectural researcher, currently Editor at VOLUME magazine and curator of the next Sarajevo architecture festival DA. Together with fellow-Editor Leonardo Dellanoce he initiated “Architecture After the Internet”, a research investigating unexpected intersections of technology and design with publications, events, lectures and a web-platform. “Trust in the Blockchain Society” is a pivotal part of this research strand.

Design of the image above by Mikk Jõgi.

This event is in English
Today, 20.00
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