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It is time to discuss the current state of our world and get proactive about the future of democracy. How might we democratise democracy together?
This event is in English
Friday 16 Dec 2016, 19.00
vr 16 dec 2016, 19.00
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Brexit and Trump have scared and confused the hell out of us. We’ve spent enough time feeling sad on social media, now we need to have more conversations in-person, and to move towards action. People feel paralysed. But how do we get ourselves moving? Together with 72U creative residency, the authors of Democracy Squared and you, we will ‘Crowdsource The Future Of Dutch Democracy’. The process is inspired by the Icelandic Crowdsourced Constitution and Australia’s revolutionary MiVote system for destinational democracy. We’ll spend an evening trying to understand who we are, what we believe, and how we can get more of that into our shaky democratic system.

  • How would you like people to describe Holland in 5 years time?
  • What policy or initiative would you like to see to make that happen?
  • What would you say if I told you that there was ‘an app for a better democracy?

Through talks and an interactive workshop, we are looking for answers together with:

Afterwards you are invited for drinks, Miss Samidi will play her favourite records!

Democracy Squared

Jim Ralley and Jon Barnes are the founders of Flux, an org redesign studio, publishing house, and global network. Together they wrote and recently published Democracy Squared: stories of 5 revolutionary projects that are democratising democracy with technology. Regardless of your political beliefs, our systems are broken. They don’t represent people. They don’t enact the will of the people because the systems haven’t changed for a few hundred years. It’s messed up. There’s hope yet. What if the internet had been invented before democracy? To think that the democratic system hasn’t changed since the internet was invented is utter madness. Jim and Jon have been researching the most progressive tech/democracy projects in the world and put their findings into this documentary-style book.

72U Amsterdam

72U Amsterdam is a creative residency born within the advertising agency 72andSunny in which a group of makers and creative hybrids from different backgrounds are brought together. During the 3-month trajectory, the participants are given the opportunity to develop their own talents and to simultaneously make a positive impact on the city of Amsterdam. The team collaborated with different partners that all have a connection with the Amsterdam city community: De Ceuvel, The Favela Painting Foundation, Makerversity and Pakhuis de Zwijger. Some of these partners have presented the team with a case for which the group has to come up with a creative answer or solution. The theme of this Fall 2016 session has been inclusivity: Not as a Race, Not as a Creed, Not as a Sex, But as Human Beings.

This event is in English
Friday 16 Dec 2016, 19.00
Grote zaal
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