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Danalyze (Danielle Cornelissen 1977 Netherlands) is a Harmony-Singing-Bird.
vrijdag 13 mei 2016, 18.00
vr 13 mei 2016, 18.00

From an early age (8) she added harmonies to existing music by recording them with a crappy old microphone, radio and recorder. After co-singersongwriting in two Bands; the Suncows, Jasses and organizing & joining Jam-sessions (1994-2000), she decided she'd go solo as Danalyze.

Still loving to add harmonies to all the music she likes as well as to her own songs, harmonies float through her head and since she’s an expressionist she needs to get them out! The Orchestrae in her head often lead to a songs.

Influenced by: classical music, metal, rock, pop, jazz, soul, many 60 and 70’s songs with many harmony-layers e.g. Steve Miller Band, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, The Beatles, America, David Mc Williams, Jim Groce, Jeff Buckley and the more recent Smashing Pumpkins and Saybia. Since she loves wide ranged creative vocals like for example Sting, her vocals take you with her, into creeks onto mountaintops in her own repertoire.

Equipped with a Vintage Ibanez Guitar & a Baritone Ukelele, her voice is still her main instrument!

Danalyzed quote with a kiss:

Music is the international Language that brings people together. That energy is so powerful that people fall in love, wars get to an end and other magical things happen. Where would we be without music!

vrijdag 13 mei 2016, 18.00