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Creating Viral Games and Cutting-Edge 3D Configurators

For entrepreneurs, gamers, developers and marketers: insights into the realities of developing visually stunning games and professional interactive experiences!
This event is in English
Monday 28 Sept 2015, 18.30
ma 28 sep 2015, 18.30

The first ever Amsterdam Unity User Group meeting will provide exciting insights into the realities of developing visually stunning games and professional interactive experiences. We will hear from special guests, network with industry leaders and enjoy some Unity camaraderie. Entrepreneurs, gamers, developers and marketers will collide (hopefully not ending in war).

Not only will the evening include details of existing projects, talks from the experts on how to improve or enter the world of development; but we will also get a sneak peek at a recently released Yamaha app and the already viral Oberon’s Court. Everyone is encouraged to bring their own projects; ask questions and give advice to those who have begun or hope to begin developing their own 3D and 2D experiences. Enjoy some finger food and drinks in the meantime!

18:30 Food & drinks
19:30 Speeches

About Unity
Unity Technologies is revolutionizing the game industry with Unity, the breakthrough development platform for creating games and interactive 3D and 2D experiences such as training simulations, medical and architectural visualizations, across mobile, desktop, web, console and other platforms. Unity was created with the vision to democratize game development and level the playing field for developers across the globe. Through industry-disrupting pricing and business plans, incredible ease of porting to multiple platforms, a deep yet approachable project editor and our innovative game promotion, user retention and analytics services Unity makes making successful games far easier than ever before. There are Unity User Group’s all over the world, including Amsterdam Unity User Group.

Daniël Haveman
As a kid Daniel Haveman came into contact with programming via his grandfather, who was the owner of the first electronics store in his hometown.  In 2001 he joined INDG as a developer and, now as CTO, has become one of the key contributors to INDG’s products.  Helping to define the architecture of our frameworks, he is always involved with guiding the teams on projects, including Yamaha’s My Garage, the Philips interactive Product Experiences and the Ralph Lauren Room Builder. Daniël is a strong believer in creating  technology that enables great user experiences.

Tomas Sala
Tomas Sala is Creative Director and co-founder of Little Chicken Game Company. Through his Amsterdam based studio, he has been designing and creating award winning applied games since 2001. After 15 years in the industry, Tomas has come to realize that in fact, he doesn’t have all the answers but that’s okay, because neither does anyone else. The trick is to find the answers together. Little Chicken Game Company works together with field experts and academic institutions to build games for healthcare, education, business and entertainment. Besides being a founding partner of Little Chicken Game Company, Tomas is also active as a lecturer at the Utrecht School of Arts, as well as a solo game developer with projects like Oberon’s Court.

Sander Sneek
Sander Sneek is Senior Interactive Designer at creative agency Quince. He knows how to perfectly combine hardware, code and visuals to create creates games and experiences to bring people joy, help them learn and experience amazing new things.

This event is in English
Monday 28 Sept 2015, 18.30
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