TEDtalk-style talks about cognitive (neuro)science!
This event is in English
Wednesday 4 Apr 2018, 19.30
wo 4 apr 2018, 19.30
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After the big success of the first edition of CogniTalks last year and the positive feedback we got, we are organizing a second edition in the Pakhuis de Zwijger! For this event, we again invited 4 cognitive (neuro)scientists of whom we are sure are great and enthusiastic speakers. All speakers have chosen a topic of their own interest, meaning something they are motivated about. The topics of the night vary from olfactory transmission to orientation in the brain. The talks will be given in a ‘TEDtalk’-style manner. After the talks, there is the opportunity to discuss the lectures together with a drink at the bar. We expect an even bigger audience than the last time, so don’t miss it!

PLEASE ARRIVE IN TIME: Doors open at 19:00u and close at 19:30u.

Chris Klink
Dawn of the Bionic Brain.
Recent technological breakthroughs allow us to record and manipulate patterns of brain activity with great detail and precision. The therapeutic potential of ‘bionic brains’ is promising, but how will they impact the everyday life of healthy humans?

Garmt Dijksterhuis
Olfactory transmission impossible?
Pictures and (live) sounds are transmitted through tv-channels and over the internet easily and virtually instantaneously. Why don’t we transmit other sensory information, e.g. from smell?
(Co-auteur: dr. Per Møller, University of Copenhagen)

Romke Rouw
Now you see it now you don’t: how your brain creates sensations.
Now you see it now you don’t! In this presentation, I will show that what you see and experience often has very little to do with the information entering through your senses. It becomes even more mysterious when the brain starts creating sensations and experiences at its own initiative. Why and how does this happen?

Max Keuken
Here be dragons.
Knowing where you are in the brain and why it matters!


This event is in English
Wednesday 4 Apr 2018, 19.30
Grote zaal
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