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Cities on two wheels

Kees Bijleveld captured bike loving cities and people that love bikes.
vrijdag 3 nov 2017, 17.00
vr 3 nov 2017, 17.00

What do Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and Léon and Granada (Nicaragua) have in common? Kees Bijleveld observed these cities and noticed that bikers define the streetscapes. Where Amsterdam is the bike capital of the world with matching infrastructure, the people in Nicaragua improvise their way around town. Kees Bijleveld captured luxurious city bikes and old ones, barely kept together. A child seat, a crate with a bag or a dog; an ode to the versatility of bikes.

When Kees Bijleveld visited Léon and Granada in Nicaragua, he was surprised by the number of bikes in these cities that are dominated by cars. All bikes lack carriers, creating great images in the morning around 7.30 when the morning rush starts. Are carriers costly accessories? Imported bikes don’t usually have carriers. Or maybe they just like to sit on bicycle bars. In Amsterdam, he noticed everything from E-bikes to people carrying chairs, lamps and so on. These cultural differences are captured in the series Cities On Wheels. Not only do bikes create a better living environment, they also give an insight into how people live together and go from A to B.


The exhibition is on show at the Pakhuis café on the ground floor from the 3rd of November to the 30th of November. For more information: