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Cities in the 3rd dimension

Are we on the brink of opening up the urban airspace for drones or flying taxis?
This event is in English
Tuesday 3 Dec 2019, 20.00
di 3 dec 2019, 20.00

The European Union wants to be at the forefront of exploring the use of urban airspace. This would drastically change the way we experience our cities. What would this mean for Amsterdam or other European capitals? Are we finally getting the flying car? What is the impact on the livability and the sustainability of our cities? Together with experts from the industry, science, government and the public, we will explore this - not so distant - future.

We start the event with the public opening of the Amsterdam Drone Week 2019 and a recap-film of the 2018 edition. With Nynke Lipsius-Mulder, Exhibition Director at RAI Amsterdam.

The future is now
How to build urban aviation? What practical applications of drones are useable now? Nick Cornelissen, a robotica specialist at Waternet, will talk about the use of drones in watermanagement. And Jeroen van den Tweel, a security manager at ProRail, will talk about the use of drones in rail maintenance.

Urban Drone Testbed
To enable safe, secure and regular drone services in our cities, a new airspace infrastructure is demanded. What are the challenges and possibilities to create a new secure infrastructure for drones in urban areas? How will drones be allowed to move, and how can they be integrated into the social structure? Petra Dalunde, Chief Operating Officer at Kista Science City in Stockholm, will tell us about her research Urban Drone Testbed.

Opening up Urban Air Mobility
Petra Dalunde, Vassilis Agouridas, AIRBUS and Martijn Lugten, AMS Institute, will discuss the future of urban air mobility.

The Amsterdam perspective
At the end of the evening Joshua Serrão, CTO office City of Amsterdam, will talk about the perspective of the city of Amsterdam.

This event is in English
Tuesday 3 Dec 2019, 20.00
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