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Cat Dail

American singer and guitarist who mixes elements of indie rock, pop, punk, reggae and many more.
vrijdag 12 okt, 18.00
vr 12 okt, 18.00

Awarded prizes from Billboard magazine, Musician magazine, the Independent Music Awards, and many more, Cat Dail is an internationally touring singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. She has released 5 albums on the Lucky Magnet recording label she founded. Cat Dail has been a highlight of the national Indie rock scene since she first hit in the 90s.


Most recently, Cat Dail has been joined by some of the best musicians in the world, featured regularly at SXSW and other festivals, and playing for causes she believes in. In addition to a life in music, Dail has led important and long-lasting community efforts in leadership roles at libraries and food banks. She is original Board Chair of the internationally-acclaimed, female-led Strike Anywhere Theater Ensemble, a progressive, multi-media collaboration.

Cat counts herself lucky to be raising 2 kids, and to meet people who join Love in defeating Fear everywhere.