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Caracas, the Informal City + Torre David

Spontaneous and collective urbanism in a unfinished skyskraper downtown Caracas - Torre David.
donderdag 16 mei 2013, 20.00
do 16 mei 2013, 20.00
IJ Zaal

On the occasion of a special visit to Amsterdam by Urban-Think Tank cofounder Alfredo Brillembourg, for the third edition of Urban Movies we will screen the documentary Caracas, the Informal City.

More recently Urban-Think Tank has been working on a book and documentary on Torre David, an informal vertical community in Caracas’ former central business district. This unfinished skyscraper, originally meant as the headquarters of a bank, accommodates over 750 families that built the community from the bottom up. Although it lacks basic facilities such as running water and electricity, the building houses several services like grocery shops, a hairdresser, church, and an uncertified dentist, among many others. Alfredo Brillembourg will talk about their elaborate research on this vital community. These so-called ‘vertical squats’ appear around the world, under various circumstances.Roel Schoenmakers of Cascoland will talk about their project in Johannesburg, which helped revitalize similar communities.

An evening around spontaneous and collective urbanism, and the resilience of worldwide informal communities, which are generally just associated with violence and despair.