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Build small, live self-sufficient

What can we learn from Tiny Houses for future living?
This event is in English
Tuesday 13 Oct 2015, 20.00
di 13 okt 2015, 20.00

During the EU presidency of the Netherlands in the first half of 2016, an Arts & Design program is taking place, titled Europe by People, the future of everyday living. As part of this program, a temporary FabCity Campus is realized on the Java-island, where the future of Europe will be explored. In the run-up to the campus, Pakhuis de Zwijger will organize events every month around the initiatives that will participate. Tonight we take the future of everyday living literally and talk about future housing and lifestyle.

The FabCity Campus is to be a self-sufficient mini-society. Just like in the real society, the space and natural resources are limited. Our current lifestyle requires more than one world to provide the resources we consume in our daily life. The projects on the campus inspire us to use the space and resources we have in a different way. Tiny Houses are presented that also have a spot on the EU2016 FabCity Campus from April to June 2016. Tonight they inspire us with the ideas behind their Tiny House projects.

Tom van de Beek aims at accelerating the transition towards a sustainable society with his foundation The Tipping Point. He is also co-founder of Kantoor Karavaan, Natuur op je Muur, and Business4Bees. Jelte Glas builds Tiny Houses and Tiny Villages. Gert van Vugt is co-founder of Sustainer Homes. Koen Kaljee is building the Drijfveer.

Also present this evening: Rick Buchter on behalf of Wikkelhouse. And Florian Beukeboom with his Movable Wastehouse.

After the program, there is an update and discussion about the EU2016 FabCity Campus. If you want to be informed about the progress or want to contribute to the development of the campus, you are more than welcome to join the discussion. The after-program will be both in Dutch and English.

Solid Family op de Urban Campsite - © Anouska Rickard

Solid Family op de Urban Campsite – © Anouska Rickard

Val Ross op de Urban Campsite - © Anouska Rickard

Val Ross van MUD projects op de Urban Campsite – © Anouska Rickard

This event is in English
Tuesday 13 Oct 2015, 20.00
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