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Brewery Special

Expect inspirational lectures and words of wisdom by indie beer brewers.
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Thursday 23 Oct 2014, 20.00
do 23 okt 2014, 20.00
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More and more (micro) breweries are popping up and to encourage that trend we are organizing this Indie Brands Brewery Special. Beer drinkers are showing their love for the brewed beverage more and more by tributing their time and love to their own (home)brewed beer. For most of them it started out as a kitchen hobby, some of them grew out to be bigger than that.

During this evening we’ll listen to the stories behind these local brews. Where does their passion and dedication come from? When did they decide to grow and sell their beers to a bigger public? What makes a perfect brew and how do they create new ones? And what are their plans for the future?

Want to learn more about your favorite brewery? Or maybe get to know new locally brewed beers? Join us Thursday 23 October to hear their stories and try their beer!

Brouwerij de Prael

The initiators of de Prael, Arno Kooy and Fer Kok, first started brewing beer as their hobby. At that time they were both working in the mental healthcare. In 2001 they came up with the idea to combine a brewery with mental healthcare. Arno and Fer wanted to offer honest work to people with a mental condition. Although a lot of people thought it was an idea that wasn’t very likely to succeed, de Prael soon had to search for a bigger location. That’s when they moved to the Oudezijds Voorburgwal in the centre of Amsterdam. The brewery proved to be a formula to succes with their Johny beer as their biggest star. The Johny beer, just as all their other beers, is named after a well known Dutch folk singer… Guess who?

De Prael

Brouwerij ‘t IJ

Brouwerij ‘t IJ has been brewing beers in Amsterdam since 1985, it’s a brewery for specialty beers. All their beers are brewed in the traditional manner. Brouwerij ‘t IJ has two brewing sites in Amsterdam, the one next to the windmill being the most well known. This is the location where the brewery began in 1985 and it’s also where the bar is located. Brouwerij ‘t IJ currently is the largest brewery of Amsterdam and has also proven to be a successful brewery beyond the boundaries of Amsterdam. Will Patrick Hendrikse, the owner of the brewery, reveal any secrets about the key to success?

Brouwerij 't IJ

Brouwerij de Vriendschap

In 2011 Peter Harms and Aart van Bergen came up with the idea to brew their own beer. It started as a fun challenge and as a hobby. Because Peter and Aart have been friends for many years, it was logical that they would call their beers ‘De Vriendschap’ (the friendship). By brewing their own beers the two friends found out that you can experiment endlessly with different kinds of ingredients and techniques, this is what kept them going. What started out as a hobby turned into a real brand in 2013. In the beginning of 2014 the two friends found the perfect location for their own brewery. The BrouwLab (BrewLab) will open in November. Despite the fact that the two friends are very busy with their brands new brewery, we are happy to say that they will come and tell us about how their friendship was the beginning of this growing and upcoming Brewery de Vriendschap.

© Jean-Pierre Jans

Oedipus Brewing

Oedipus Brewing is a brewery that was founded in 2011 by four friends in Amsterdam. They started brewing because they wanted to create something exciting and tasty. Although the four friends aren’t always that serious, they do take brewing very seriously. They believe the possibilities are endless when it comes to brewing beers. That’s why Oedipus has a broad selection of beers that is constantly expanding further. They are also about to open the Oedipus Brewpub at Westerdok, it will be a pub and a brewery in one. There, they will brew a new beer every week. Well that’s a challenge…

Oedipus - Coaster colored

Amsterdam Brewboys

As with most plans, the Amsterdam Brewboys came up with the idea to brew their own beer in a bar. After three months their plans turned into reality, they brewed their very own Pale Ale and they could call themselves a real micro-craft brewery. Their ambition is to start a brewpub where they can serve all the beers still to come. The formula of the Brewboys is: Craft Beer + Young Creatives = Amsterdam Brewboys! They like to work together with young creatives to give that extra touch to their beer.

Amsterdam Brewboys


This event is in English
Thursday 23 Oct 2014, 20.00
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