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Brave New Sounds

A mini music festival with a mix of styles ranging from Raï, Rock and Reggae to Klezmer-rumba, Jazz en Balkan.
Toegang vanaf € 12.50
zaterdag 8 apr, 20.30
za 8 apr, 20.30
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An evening filled with exciting and exotic new sounds by the five bands of the Amsterdam Artist Collective: Amariszi, Ot Azoj, Kasba, Nani and Zorita. In anticipation of the summer festival season each band showcases their latest material during live performances. Expect everything from beautiful ballads to danceable party music. Bring your friends and dance!

  • Amariszi blends the Balkan influence within their music in an inventive way – a refreshing mix of pop, reggae, folk and swing.
  • Kasba plays a mix of North African music and Western music and is one of the leading groups in the non-Western music in the Netherlands.
  • Nani music is an Andalusian brew. Bringing together warm and diverse musical blends from the Middle East, Jazz, hypnotising vocals and North African beats.
  • Ot Azoj explores new roots and old grooves from Molvania. In vivid compositions, they bring to live this land of bizarre Balkan sounds, contagious Turkish grooves and crazy solos.
  • Zorita are a raucous rousing rabble. In their own words, the musicians of Zorita describe their well-oiled ragtag collection of instruments, styles and personalities as ‘Musica Vagabunda’.

Tickets kosten €12,50 in de voorverkoop en €15 aan de deur.

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Toegang vanaf € 12.50
zaterdag 8 apr, 20.30
Grote zaal