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Avinash Changa meets The Cool Quest

Founder of WeMakeVR on storytelling, human connection and entrepreneurship.
This event is in English
Tuesday 29 May 2018, 20.00
di 29 mei 2018, 20.00
IJ Zaal

During Dutch Masters, renowned Dutch creatives, artists and entrepreneurs talk about their career and motives. Previously Paul Mijksenaar, Renny Ramakers, Joost van Bellen and Erik Kessels were among the guests. The Dutch Master of this edition is Avinash Changa, founder of the Amsterdam based WeMakeVR and a maverick in the field of digital concepts, production techniques and investigating new methods of storytelling. Every Dutch Master invites a Dutch Talent. This time the band The Cool Quest, known for over 500 (festival) shows and winning several awards, is the Dutch Talent.

Before the programma at 19:30, Avinash Changa will be hosting a VR experience. Come early to join!


In 2013 a package was delivered to a studio in Amsterdam that would change Avinash Changa’s life. The content: the Oculus Rift DK1. From then on Avinash began experimenting with cameras and sensors to recreate the world around him, which lead to the formation of WeMakeVR, which started by producing the world’s first music video in stereoscopic 360 for Brainpower and creating experiences for fashion giant Tommy Hilfiger. Before starting his company and curating a team of technical artists and creative storytellers, Avinash graduated in three degrees (Commercial Economics, Business Information Technology, Communications), creating broad as well as deep knowledge.

In his work, he combines his knowledge with a strong passion for storytelling. Whether it is music, (cult)films or gaming; they inspire him to create new ways of storytelling, develop best practices and experiment with new technologies. Being able to create a human connection is at the base of everything he does. For example: imagine experiencing something special at the same time together with your friends (even if they live around the world), learning juvenile prisoners to communicate better, or enabling doctors to virtually enter the human body. Where does his entrepreneurial spirit come from?

The Cool Quest

The five band members of The Cool Quest met more or less by accident at a jam session in 2010 and got along so well, they decided to start working together on a regular basis. This eventually led to their first album ‘Funkin’ Badass’, which came out in 2014. After presenting their single ‘Shine’ the band decided to take on a different direction by renewing their sound. The saxophone was replaced with a guitar, which created a more electronic sound than before.

Their current sound can be described best as somewhere between classic hip-hop and modern pop music with a dash of light-foot funk, reminding strongly of early 90’s hip-hop energy. Their EP ‘Pulsar’ (2016) and singles such as ‘Runnin’’ (2017) and “Storm” (2018) have set the tone for their brand new album “VIVID” and they’ve been getting positive reviews from international media since then. The record title “Storm” is told from the perspective of a person who struggles with insecurities in life and shows an individual view on depression. Where does their inspiration come from? And what do they hope to achieve with their music?

This event is in English
Tuesday 29 May 2018, 20.00
IJ Zaal
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