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AR: The Augmented Self

How will immersive technology - and Augmented Reality in particular - extend notions of reality, identity and sense of self?
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Wednesday 20 June 2018, 20.00
wo 20 jun 2018, 20.00
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The relationship between reality and identity is interconnected: a shift in one of them influences our perception of the other. Our sense of self is a multilayered and fluid state that is influenced by biological, cognitive, political, cultural, societal and situational factors. After exploring its relationship with urban space, and its influence on our social hierarchies, in this final session of our AR-focused Research Files we will together explore how immersive technologies – and Augmented Reality in particular – will extend our perception of reality and sense of self.

Experience Design: Chirryl-Lee Ryan

Chirryl-Lee is an NYC-based transdisciplinary design practitioner, writer, and coach, specialised in experience design. Believing that design can help us all live better, happier lives, she merges different design principles to produce radical outcomes, making things for humans – and humanity. Her goal is to arm as many people as possible with the skills, tools, and confidence they need to create the change they want to see in the world. Chirryl-Lee is Director of Experience at Idean, a global experience design company with a mantra of endless curiosity, fearless execution, and purposeful impact. With the This is HCD Podcast, she wants to create a continuous conversation about design.

Philosophy & Psychology: Roy Dings

Roy  is a PhD-researcher at the Radboud University Nijmegen, specialised in the intersection of philosophy, psychiatry, and psychology. His current research is concerned with both everyday as well as pathological instances of people ‘not feeling like themselves’.  More broadly, he is interested in the way we create and maintain our identities and the way in which we may use our (social) environment to do so. In addition, his research has focused on how technological advancements (ranging from social media to deep brain stimulation) may contribute to our identity-formation. His aim is to get people to experience novel perspectives on everyday issues by applying philosophical tools and insights.

Virtual Fashion: Jacob Kok

Designing your identity is no longer limited to just clothing and lifestyle. Independent designer Jacob Kok investigates the relationship between fashion and technology. Inspired by digital techniques, physical boundaries are being questioned and virtual models come to life in vibrant presentations. For his documentary movie See the Light (2015), Jacob interviewed fellow designers and other experts about the influence of VR on shaping human identity. For his master degree Crossover Creativity at HKU, he poses the question: how can AR contribute to expressing and experiencing dynamic identity using playful virtual clothing?

Augmented Reality: Galit Ariel

Galit is a creative and strategic thinker with international leadership experience in industrial design, retail & fashion, and education. She is a member of Yet2B (a UK-based think-and-do-tank focused on the future of cities) and founder of Wondarlands, a strategic consultancy that examines and develops implementation strategies of emerging technologies – and AR in specific – through a user-focused cultural and societal lens. Her book Augmenting Alice provides a wide lens perspective’ of the potential, challenges, and impact that the widespread implementation that AR will bring. As a self-proclaimed digital hippie, Galit has the ambition to ‘Make Reality Great Again’, by harnessing the most fascinating attribute of AR – its ability to elevate our physical reality rather than providing an escape from it.

This event is in English
Wednesday 20 June 2018, 20.00
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