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AR: The Augmented City

How might we use Augmented Reality to create meaningful experiences with and within the urban space? With Layar and Wondarlands.
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The increased diffusion of immersive technologies holds the potential to form new, multilayered, experiential opportunities. What might happen when urban clusters add augmented platforms into their (already complex) ecosystem? With experts in the field of urban design and Augmented Reality (AR), we will explore the potential of creating immersive experiences within public and private spaces, discussing its value-creation and challenges.

Raimo van der Klein been co-founder, CEO, and board member of Layar – one of the pioneering AR mobile platforms. He is currently an AR expert at Triple, a leading technology partner based in the Netherlands, and through his company VanderKlein Productions he inspires, leads, and guides teams on projects involving various technologies such as bitcoin, Google glass, robotics, 3D-printing, maker movement, artisanal products, tech start-ups, fashion and digital media. Layar is now part of Blippar Group, together they have collaborated with many of the world’s top brands, including Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, Heineken, Honda and BMW. What is his point of view of AR within the context of the urban landscape? 

Safia Akkus is part of the Innovation Team of the Chief Technology Office (CTO) of the Municipality of Amsterdam. The CTO collaborates with all departments from the municipality in order to achieve urban innovation. They work on themes such as e-health, circular economy, smart mobility, sharing economy, cooperation with start-ups and innovative procurement. The promises of new technologies are huge; our cities become greener and more liveable, healthcare more effective and education better accessible. Besides big promises, there are also big questions. How can digital culture help us build stronger, responsive and healthier cities?

Galit Ariel is a creative and strategic thinker with international leadership experience in industrial design, retail & fashion, and education. She is a member of Yet2B (a UK-based think-and-do-tank focused on the future of cities) and founder of Wondarlands, a strategic consultancy that examines and develops implementation strategies of emerging technologies – and AR in specific – through a user-focused cultural and societal lens. Her book Augmenting Alice provides a wide lens perspective’ of the potential, challenges, and impact that the widespread implementation that AR will bring. As a self-proclaimed digital hippie, Galit has the ambition to ‘Make Reality Great Again’, by harnessing the most fascinating attribute of AR – its ability to elevate our physical reality rather than providing an escape from it. 

This programma is part of a Research Files threefold on Augmented Reality. Other editions will include ‘The Augmented Society’ and ‘The Augmented Self’.

This event is in English
Tomorrow, 20.00
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