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Andrew Laureth

Brazilian singer-songwriter with melodic folk tunes.
vrijdag 23 feb, 18.00
vr 23 feb, 18.00

From silence to the first chords, the feeling that goes through the melodic lines, the richness of simplicity, the expression of the soul through lyrics and sound, intimate and engaging at the same time, this is the proposal of the Brazilian singer-songwriter Andrew Laureth.

Although still young, Andrew has an extensive experience in music, he began his career in 2003. After 10 years touring in Brazil and Europe, releasing two albums and many exhibitions in the media with his old bands, Laureth decided to fly greater heights.

The solo project began in 2011 with a “demo album”. Three years later he released “Janelas da Alma (Windows of the Soul)”, that had featured in credible international media. This album brings hits like “The sun will come back”, “A Vida é Bela” and “Alice”. From these songs were made video clips that were shared by the famous Brazilian website “Brasileiríssimos”, reaching the milestone of more than 100,000 views on Facebook.

The new tour is taking place around Brazil and Europe in 2015­/2016. In addition to presenting his own music, there will also be room for classics of Brazilian music and Pop Rock, both acoustically and with band.