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An Ode to Urbanisation

Storytellers on the metropolitan melting pot in world cities. With Richard Koek, Jan Rothuizen & more.
This event is in English
Friday 22 June 2018, 20.00
vr 22 jun 2018, 20.00
IJ Zaal

Image makers bring an ode to impressive cities that are constantly on the move, such as New York and Amsterdam, and inspiring city dwellers who, even in spite of everything, stand their ground. They will share how they capture the essence of their city, including socio-economic developments that shape the daily lives of its inhabitants. From gentrification to cultural diversity; what have cities in common and what makes them so special and unique? An evening about colorful cities, imagery and creative process.

Richard Koek

“A visual hymn to a city, that worships the hard-working, but shows no mercy to those that slip through the cracks.” That is what photographer Richard Koek tries to capture in his book ‘New York New York‘. The Dutch-Argentinean photographer is a visual storyteller that shares his love for NYC and its people by communicating with them through the lens. His sensibility for the complicated life in NY shows in his photo’s, which are an encouragement to viewers to form their own interpretation of his work. Every picture becomes a new narrative, unique to its beholder.

Richard decided to give up his profession as a tax lawyer to pursue his passion for photography in New York City. Since then, his work has been featured in renowned titles including ‘Stern’, ‘The New York Times’ and ‘The New York Review of Books’. He lives in New York and Amsterdam, working for international publications and non-profit organizations, and has been purchased by The National Archives of Holland and The Royal Tropical Institute of Amsterdam.


Graffiti has a long history linked to urbanisation, the need for free space and subculture. This Summer, STRP and Emoves join forces to discover a new chapter to graffiti. How can you create an immersive graffiti experience? On Saturday 30 June, the premiere of slow-moving liquid graffiti in 4D, designed by AUJIK, will open in Eindhoven. Walking on Strijp-S you can experience a spectacular virtual layer that covers the physical environment via your smartphone. Graffiti in augmented reality (AR) can pop up everywhere and suddenly disappear, creating an imaginative virtual world that melts together with the robust down-to-earth architecture of Strijp-S.  How do they bring graffiti to life? Ton van Gool, director of STRP, gives us a sneak peak of the project.


Jan Rothuizen

Floor plans are indispensable when you are walking around in a city for the first time. They serve to not get lost in the unknown environment. Yet such plans do not show all facets of the city. The way in which the city is experienced and used by people is lacking. Visual artist Jan Rothuizen provides that gap: his floor plans show how people experience the city, capturing the atmosphere and the diversity of the residents. He also incorporates economic and social changes of neighbourhoods such as gentrification. Amsterdam changes every day, both on a large and small scale. Jan witnesses these and presents them: personal, witty and enthusiastic. His work is exhibited in Amsterdam and abroad, including in the Townhouse Gallery in Cairo and in the New Museum in New York. His drawings appear monthly in ‘De Volkskrant’. He published ‘The Soft Atlas of Amsterdam’ and ‘The Soft Atlas of the Netherlands’.

Life Underground

This interactive web documentary and media installation invites visitors on a cinematic journey into the subways of the world through the personal stories of passengers. Shot in over 15 city subways, Life Underground captures the pulse of these vibrant environments and the millions of people who pass through them every day. By documenting passengers’ stories of love, dreams, family, migration, and much more, Life Underground reminds us that beneath the surface, we’re all connected. Hervé Cohen explains his idea behind the project.

This event is in English
Friday 22 June 2018, 20.00
IJ Zaal
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