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An Ode to Ethical Fashion

Clean&Unique celebrates 10 years of awareness about sustainability in fashion, workwear and textiles.
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Friday 17 Mar 2017, 20.00
vr 17 mrt 2017, 20.00
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Today's world is changing faster than ever. Take a deep breath and see where we came from and where we're heading in the world of fashion. Clean&Unique started as a platform for small fashion labels and designers with a common interest in fair and green business. Nowadays it is an independent consultancy for ethical trade and sustainable supply chains. We follow the story of Clean&Unique through four panel discussions by visionaries, entrepreneurs and futurists that reflect on the fashion landscape.

Roosmarie Ruigrok discovered her passion in fair supply chains when she started as a buyer. After selling her company Promax Corporate Fashion, she worked at Amnesty International, Fair Wear Foundation and Elsewear Foundation, known for “Green is the new black”, and as cotton manager at Fairtrade. In 2007 Roosmarie founded the platform Clean&Unique. Clean&Unique is fully on the move to create more knowledge about sustainability in Fashion& Textiles by giving advice and organising in-house workshops and events.

  • Tara Scally is responsible for corporate accountability and media relations at Schone Kleren Campagne (Clean Clothes Campaign). In 2016 she coordinated a wage research on ten Dutch brands, uncovering one in three workers is paid less than the legal minimum wage in India.
  • Rianne de Witte has supported sustainable design in her work since 1993 and is one of the pioneers of Ethical Fashion Design. Her clothes are designed with special attention for comfortable fitting and made from sustainable materials. Fair-trade and produced with respect for people, planet and profit is the starting point.
  • Sophie Koers has been working at Fair Wear Foundation since 2009. Sophie is particularly interested in making progress on the more complicated topics like Living wages, Gender inequality and the complexities around the global garment industry with its messy, fragmented supply chains. In her pre-FWF life, Sophie wrote a book on Practical Idealism and worked as a journalist and communications expert for a range of NGOs.
  • Annouk Post inspires and advises both individuals and organisations in how they can identify with sustainability. Annouk developed a range of projects such as a temporary ‘hiphonest’ store and clothing-swap events, ‘Walk the Talk‘ and ‘Harry‘. She works as a Communications officer at Fair Wear Foundation and launched her first book ‘Ontdekkingsreis naar een duurzame wereld: Inspiratie en vernieuwing in design‘ in 2016.
  • Designer Elsien Gringhuis graduated with honour at the academy of visual arts in Arnhem (ArtEZ). She presented her first collection during the 2009 Amsterdam Fashion Week. Over the years she won several awards like the Createurope in Berlin, the Mittelmoda in Italy, the Green Fashion Competition and the Fair Luxury Award in the Netherlands.
  • Jeannette Ooink set up the sustainable fashion platform Awearness Fashion in 2009 together with Wilma Mulder. They believe in the power of storytelling and use their skills in the field of communication, marketing and sustainability in order to tell the story behind your garment.
  • Carlien Helmink studied Integrated Communication Management and has a Masters degree in Communication Science. After her study Carlien travelled to India and Nepal in 2008 and was struck by the poverty and pollution caused by the fashion industry. She then worked as a volunteer at Studio JUX for over a year before she officially became co-owner.
  • Nienke Steen has been working for 13 years in Sustainability in Fashion, she has had her own sustainable fashion company and worked as a Corporate Responsibility Manager at Expresso Fashion. Her profession is her passion. Nienke now advises Modint member companies to improve in Quality, Safety and Sustainability.
  • Bert van Son is the founder and CEO of jeans brand MUD Jeans. As a 23-year-old he moved to China where he saw the impact of fast fashion with his own eyes. In 2012 he pitched the idea ‘Lease a jeans’, allowing customers to regularly renew their wardrobe while MUD Jeans makes sure the materials will be recycled after use.
  • Marieke Vinck is co-founder and creative director of True Fashion platform Charlie + Mary. Together with Charlotte van Waes she founded the company in 2009. Charlie + Mary has grown into a platform with two stores in Amsterdam, an online store, fashion agency and blog, that cooperates with each link within the industry to enlarge the impact of a better fashion story.
  • Cécile Scheele developed multiple companies under one umbrella ‘Powering Sustainable Fashion’. She is a true multi-entrepreneur. While keeping each business as a separate entity, the common goal with Goodbrandz, Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week and her platform Inspiring Stories is to encourage the growth and developments in the Sustainable Fashion and Lifestyle Industry.
  • Gwen Cunningham coordinates & teaches sustainability at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. Her ambition is to challenge students with the latest thinking on sustainability & empower them to see themselves as agents of change within the system. Additionally, Gwen is the Lead for the Circle Textiles Programme at Circle Economy. The programme works with its member community of collectors, sorters, recyclers and brands to create a circular textiles industry.
  • Marina Toeters operates on the cutting edge of technology and fashion design. She earned her Master in fashion design with honours at MAHKU Utrecht. Through her business she stimulates collaboration between the fashion industry and technical innovators for a relevant fashion system and supportive garments for everyday use. She advises Philips Research and Holst Centre, designs and develops concept and is a coach, teacher and researcher at the Utrecht School of Arts, Saxion University for Applied Sciences and Eindhoven University of Technology.
  • Hanneke op den Brouw, with a background in ecology Hanneke is working for years in the field of innovation and sustainability. As a representative of the Dutch national government she developed and supported many projects, in close cooperation with companies aimed at energy and resource efficiency. Nowadays she’s working at Rijkswaterstaat, part of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment focusing on the textiles industry to make this industry more sustainable and circular. Apart from her contribution to the international CSR covenant for sustainable Fashion and Textiles and the roadmap circular textiles, she is involved in the European Clothing Action Plan (ECAP), a LIFE project in partnership with WRAP and other European partners. ECAP focuses on making the clothing supply chain circular, specifically to reduce waste and to bring about effective waste recovery. Its holistic approach encompasses sustainable design, production, public procurement, consumption, collection and recycling through to reprocessing.

CleanUnique-logoAbout Clean&Unique

Ten years ago Roosmarie Ruigrok, Niels Oskam and Marian van Weert organised the first ‘Green the New Black | Clean&Unique event’. The aim of the event was to set up a foundation that helped small brands and starters in fashion to learn more about sustainability. A lot happened after that day in March 2007. In 2012 the Fair Wear Foundation took over the foundation and renamed it into Young Designer Platform. Roosmarie continued Clean&Unique as an independent consultancy with a focus on Ethical Trade and Sustainable and Recycle Textile Supply Chains.


This event is in English
Friday 17 Mar 2017, 20.00
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