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Together with European youth organisations we will explore how you can create your own movement.
This event is in English
Thursday 9 Feb 2017, 20.00
do 9 feb 2017, 20.00

You have an idea. You are searching for people with similar ideas. But, what's next? What will be the step that takes you beyond visions and ideas, that will be embedded in reality, confronting or collaborating with existing structures? Together with Dutch and European youth movements or organisations, we will explore strategies and concrete elements that can lead to a process of self-organisation for the young city makers. We work in small workshops on a ‘toolbox’, facing topics as funding, how to upscale without losing the innovating power, and how to be engaged with the community around the organisation.

  • The starting project ‘Denkende Gesellschaft’ from Germany seeks to encourage people to engage in political thinking – with respect and good listening. Philosopher Anh Quan Nguyen will explain the starting points of ‘Denkende Gesellschaft’.

  • De Beweging has a huge plan: hold 1 Million conversations in the Netherlands to overcome one-sidedness in the political discourse. Lawrence Cheuk is a spokesperson for De Beweging and will give further information about this ambitious vision

  • Right2Education is a non-profit organization, building a community to bridge the gap between outsiders and insiders. Together with her team, Ellen Ackroyd, PR of this community, is organizing a range of activities as well as Dutch and English lessons for and with refugees. Currently, Right2Education is focusing on upscaling – an important topic to speak about this evening.
  • Commoning Uva is an interdisciplinary group researching a possible transformation of the system at the University of Amsterdam. During this evening Sepp Eckenhausen is exploring topics such as the co-creation and -governance of knowledge, connectivity between action groups and how to make specialist knowledge locally relevant.
  • Kim de Jong will represent Positief Links. They aim to connect left-wing, progressive people and ideas in innovative ways, striving towards the final goal of a better world and a better Netherlands. The main challenge they face is the question how to create the critical mass to address issues like environmental destruction, inequality and the power of large multinationals to fundamentally change things for the better. 
  • Anna Kooi is a board member of Commoning UvA, which is an interdisciplinary research initiative that focuses on the system transformation and discourse formation at the University of Amsterdam. The main question that the initiative raises is the following: ‘Who owns the university?’ By facilitating working conferences, lectures, interviews and expositions, Commoning UvA is creating interventions and redefining the university as a commons.

  • After completing his studies in Clinical Psychology David Engel initiated AMS Helpt, a crowd-based aid project for war refugees on the Greek island Lesbos. AMS Helpt collected aid packages at 15 points around Amsterdam with the help of more than 50 volunteers. This resulted in more than 1.100 aid packages being shipped to Lesbos. On site David and a small team distributed packages, provided emergency aid and worked together with multiple NGOs. The project was funded by national businesses like Tony Chocolonely and crowdfunding.
  • Ingi Mehus is a migrant/traveller who has worked with NGOs, government, and UN organisations in five different countries on the topic of migration before she founded Pocket Stories. Pocket Stories aims to broaden our understanding of human movement and celebrate cultural diversity through storytelling projects such as workshops, festivals, book and audio-visual productions and operates across Europe and the MENA region thanks to international collaborations. Ingi will be hosting a workshop on how to build and maintain international collaborations.
This event is in English
Thursday 9 Feb 2017, 20.00
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