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A Lesson on Looking

Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.
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Friday 8 Nov 2019, 20.00
vr 8 nov 2019, 20.00
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Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change. After all, everything is subject to interpretation. The metaphorical glasses we all wear create a framework for perspective - shaped by the way we present ourselves, and how that is (mis)interpreted by others. With the help of experts in film-making, presentation skills, body language and style, we’ll learn about having, shaping and sharing perspective - how to make it and how to change it.


Thessa Meijer (writer and director at HALAL)
Over the past 12 years, around 4% of US films have been directed by women; roughly the same stat applies to the UK industry across its entire history. Luckily, the Netherlands has a more equal divide where 41% of granted projects were directed by a female director in 2017.

As a filmmaker, the gaze is a powerful tool. Thessa Meijer, writer and director at HALAL, will dive into the importance of ‘the female gaze’, how she adds her gaze in her work and why this is important. Thessa’s most recent music video for ‘Mind Dear’ was screened at SXSW Film Festival and got nominated for a 3FM Award Best Video. Did we already mention that her short film ‘The Walking Fish’ is in the 2020 Oscars submission for the Netherlands


Selina Martin (founder of style consultancy ALTER)

Dress to express. Your clothes can bring your personality and appearance into alignment. Selina Martin, founder of style consultancy ALTER, believes you can style yourself to attract the life you seek. Just like using the right words to express yourself, you can wear the right clothes to deliver a message.

Since 2014, Selina’s been helping others decipher the language of fashion to achieve their business goals. She will enlighten us on what she calls visible growth – the magical twilight zone where personal growth, style and branding come together.

Judith de Bruijn  (speaker coach and author)
When it comes to public speaking, whether that be on stage or in a meeting room to a handful of colleagues – it is rather common to lie low until the audience accepts our story. Judith de Bruijn, public speaking expert, teaches us to think differently: you are the one in charge. As the director of your audience, you call the shots.

Judith moderates conferences, hosts webinars and helps individuals prepare and ace presentations. She covers everything from how to utilise your body language to effectively driving your point home. She even wrote a book about it called ‘Hooggeëerd publiek’ (ENG: Highly honoured audience). Judith will demonstrate how to be a leader on stage as well as off stage.

Malu de Bont (features editor at ELLE)
As the features editor at Elle, Malu de Bont, addresses perspective on the daily. For journalists and editors, every word can change the way a piece is interpreted. Malu’s goal is to create human interest stories designed to educate, enlighten and entertain the reader.

In her weekly column De Rekening (ENG: The Bill) she demystifies women’s income by asking them what they earn and how they feel about their financial life. In her podcast Mentorles (ENG: Mentor Lessons) she talks with women about their work and career path to set more female role models. Soon her second podcast Love Matters will launch, in collaboration with dating app happn, sharing all the different shapes and sizes of modern day love.

Our very own Kerrie Finch will have an on-stage Q&A with Malu to talk about her challenges as an editor, the importance of female role models and battling stereotypes.


This event is in English
Friday 8 Nov 2019, 20.00
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