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Rini Hartman

any-media artist

I work as an any media artist with different media such as 2D(-prints), 3D-objects, photography, video, poetry, the internet and Machinima. In my work I'm mainly driven by ethical and human world issues, and by these I explore the possibilities of communicating through art and esthetics. Especially my journeys, and contacts with other cultures and their local ways and conditions of living, like in Africa and South America, are significant for the development of my perception, my vision and my work. Partly because of my background in non-profit communication and Social Science Informatics, I felt for years the need for occupying myself with art as medium. I am therefore self-taught in the craft. "In my opinion, art offers an inexhaustible resource of communication possibilities. Therefore I experience an immense freedom of creativity, which causes me to find great challenges in rendering new combinations of media and points of view, and exploring the possibilities of communication and their effect on audiences and spectators."