Jemi Laclé

I work at the World Bank Group on (open) data and analytics and sustainability

Jemi Laclé, born on the Dutch Caribbean island, Aruba works at the World Bank Group. She has over 10 years of experience in multilateral institutions, diplomacy, knowledge management, public relations, and the tech and startup industry. In the recent years Jemi has worked closely with global game changers, (social) entrepreneurs, innovators and tomorrow’s world leaders. She is focused on driving transformative social and economic change in the international development arena. She has been building collaborations with international (development) institutions, startup and tech communities, policy-oriented advocates and reformers to bridge connections, catalyze out-of-the-box ideas, swap knowledge and create long lasting partnerships to foster sustainable and positive social change for individuals and communities worldwide. Jemi is an avid traveler, self-starter, has a deep understanding in cross-cultural communication, speaks 6 languages and has worked in Aruba, Brazil, Japan, the Netherlands and USA. She has experience in the private and public sector, foreign affairs, multilateral organizations and the creative industry.