Brian Doucet

Urban Geographer

I am a Senior Lecturer in Urban Studies at Erasmus University College I was born in Toronto, Canada, but have lived in the Netherlands since 2004. My research seeks to understand both the political economy of urban redevelopment, gentrification and neighbourhood change and the experiences of those who live through it. My work has been published in major peer-review journals. I teach a range of courses within urban geography, including international field trips. My current research examines the lessons and ideas coming out of Detroit. I lead a field trip to Detroit and Toronto as part of the Urban Geography Master’s program. My writing on Detroit has featured in The Guardian, The NRC Handelsblad, the UK’s Town and Country Planning Magazine as well as other academic and professional journals. I am currently working on two books. The first is an edited volume on Detroit which will bring together many of the city’s leading scholars, planners, writers, artists and visionaries. The second is a photo analysis of the ways in which Toronto has changed economically, socially and physically since the 1960s.