Jos Brölmann

Colorful paintings about our fast changing time:

Creative development has been a great part of my career and sharing this expertise and knowledge has led to many successful projects. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work in major disciplines in creative preliminary phase of international advertising. With this success and knowledge, I developed “Art of Nosybirds & Weathermap”. Colorful paintings with a state of the art message: our changing time. About Art of Nosybirds. The main art characters, a group of curious birds, remember us keep looking around at our enormous changing world. And see and discover new things which help us to find our own way. Not influenced by distractions like all sorts of obstructive media or a intensive plug-in lifestyle, but listening to our inner voice. Next to Nosybirds®, I designed Art of Weathermaps. Weathermaps comes from the actual discussion about climate change in general. My intention is simple; translate weather and climate into a happy painting. Every Weathermap paintings is very unique. There are millions of different places all over the world and millions of different weather moments which can be transformed into a joyful Weathermap. Every painting of a Weathermap is one of a kind. I market my Art of Nosybirds® and Weathermap among others via my online presence, solo expositions in and outside The Netherlands.