Teele Pehk keynote speaker at Innovating Democracy

Co-creation in policy-making and everyday-democracy at the Innovating Democracy Conference on December 1st.

Estonia has marvellous e-services and is worldwide known by its e-government (currently distrusted though) and e-residency programme, but the state of participation and e-democracy is surprisingly poor. What has changed after the deliberation process People’s Assembly in 2013, what needs to be done in addition to setting up new participation channels and how to increase the demand for more transparent, co-creational and open governance – these are the issues I would like to discuss with other democracy agents.   

Teele is a CEO of the Estonian Cooperation Assembly which was one of the facilitators and curators of the People’s Assembly back in 2013. As a direct result of the deliberation process, Teele’s organisation set up the citizen initiatives platform rahvaalgatus.ee which is meant for addressing the Parliament of Estonia with collective addresses. Its the first participation platform in Estonia which enables big groups to digitally sign the same proposal or draft act – by law is demanded 1000 signatures, then the parliament accepts the collective address. The beta-platform that was as state priority in the Estonian Open Government Partnership action plan, runs in Estonian, Russian and English. Currently, Estonian Cooperation Assembly is launching an awareness raising campaign towards 16+ youth, digitally competent elderly and Russian-speakers living in Estonia. More here

Teele is also an urbanist at the Estonian Urban Lab, an independent competence centre of urban thought and action, as well as a city maker in Tallinn. She has also been a consultant at the Government Office of Estonia in issues regarding the Open Government Partnership and Good Governance.