Recap Animation for Grown-Ups #3: There’s no planet B

Animation is for kids? Think again! How can animation increase awareness on environmental issues? Go green!

Animation has the power to discuss taboos in an unoffending way, mainly through design choices like ‘cuteness’ or ‘abstraction’. It can be dramatic, narratively diverse, experimental and there is room for innovation with daring subject matter. The third edition of our programme series Animation for Grown-Ups was about raising awareness for environmental issues. For all who missed out ór would love to rewatch, we made an overview of all the animations we screened that night. Together with Anabella Meijer aka Kanai – who just launched the crowdfunding campaign for her book First aid kit for climate changeanimator Johan Klungel who made Super, an animation in which main character Albert gets lost in the seductive world of pretty packages, and Anja Froeling & Diederick Hillenius of Selmore – responsible for the amazing Creature of Habit campaign for ASN Bank. Let’s go green!

1. ManSteve Cutts (UK, 2012)

2. Una Furtiva Lagrima, Carlo Vogele (IT, 2011)

3. Second HandIsaac King (CA, 2011)

4. Super,  Johan Klungel (NL, 2013)

5. Just a Biopic, Renske Cuijpers (NL, 2015)

6. Vleeswaar (Meats)Kay-Lee Boxem (NL, 2016)

7. Cold Hearted LandTom Munday for Steve Puddle (UK, 2016)

8. Creature of HabitAmbassadors for ASN Bank / Selmore (NL, 2017)

9. Back to the StartJohn Kelly for Chipotle (UK, 2011)

10. PoseidonThe Animation Workshop for NGO Plastic Change International (DK, 2018)

Animation for Grown-Ups is an initiative by Dymphie Braun (Pakhuis de Zwijger) and Tünde Vollenbroek (Studio Pupil) and supported by KLIK Animation Festival Amsterdam. For the next edition, keep an eye on the event calender!