Recap Animation for Grown-Ups #1: Parental Advisory

Animation is for kids? Think again! Animation is a medium that can discuss taboos in a way that no other form can.

Animation has the power to discuss taboos in an unoffending way, mainly through design choices like ‘cuteness’ or ‘abstraction’. It can be dramatic, narratively diverse, experimental and there is room for innovation with this daring subject matter. The first edition of our new programme series Animation for Grown-Ups was about sexuality-based taboos. At the request by many of you: for all who missed out ór would love to rewatch, we made an overview of all the animations we screened that night. Together with paper artist Mandy Smith and animators Dario van Vree and Aisha Madu, we discussed topics from bondage, monogamy, and nudity to sexual preferences, self-love, and sexual consent. Leave your prudity at the door!

1. In A Heartbeat, Beth David and Esteban Bravo (USA, 2017)

2. De Sprookjesgrot: Dappere prins Dirk / The Fairytale Cave: Brave Prince Dirk, Junaid Chundrigar and Dennis Impink (NLD, 2010)

3. Tabook, Dario van Vree (NLD, 2017)

4. Pubertina: Tampon Dreaming, Emily Brundige (USA, 2012)

5. Bodily DisfunctionsAisha Madu (NLD, 2016)

6. Schroom / EmbarrasmentAisha Madu (NLD, 2017)

7. Le Clitoris, Lori Malépart-Traversy (CAN, 2016)

7. Project Consent Campaign: Consent is Simple, Juniper Park / Topix / Project Consent (global, 2016)

8. No More Cutting campaign, Mandy Smith / Plan NL & Plan BE (NLD & BEL, 2017)

9. CIPKA / PUSSY, Renata Gąsiorowskiej (POL, 2016 – trailer only):

Animation for Grown-Ups is an initiative by Dymphie Braun (Pakhuis de Zwijger) and Tünde Vollenbroek (Studio Pupil) and supported by KLIK Animation Festival Amsterdam and DAMD. Next edition will be on February 20, keep an eye on the event calender!