Mission to Make #1: MAKE SMTHNG Week

Exploring the concept of distributed design: 1 open source product design, 6 different locations across Europe. Join us!

Today, the products we buy usually travel thousands of kilometers before we can enjoy them. They are assembled in super-sized factories out of materials that often have to travel long distances before reaching the factory. These factories turn out mass-produced, highly standardised products, which leaves no room for individual customer needs or and the use of local resources. And to make things worse, products that are made this way are becoming really cheap. The paradigm has shifted 180 degrees. What if we could change this system? Reduce the ecological footprint of products, democratise the access to quality design and expand the market for designers, makers, and manufacturers?

Mission to Make is a campaign initiated by the Distributed Design Market Platform (DDMP) to practically explore the concept of distributed design. Distributed Design is a new approach to design which utilises global connectivity to move data, instead of product and is arising from the intersection of the Maker Movement and digital design and fabrication. We can design anything and make it anywhere. To join the prosumerist movement against Black Friday, as a platform member of DDMP Pakhuis de Zwijger celebrates MAKE SMTHNG Week, the international festival of making that challenges our consumerist culture. We invite you to join us on this Mission to Make – by making your own version of a designer lamp, designed by the winner of The Distributed Design Challenge 2018 at the London Design Festival 2018: UK-based designer Milo McLoughlin-Greening.

Design by Milo McLoughlin-Greening, winner Distributed Design Challenge 2018

The mission: move data instead of product

One open source product design is shared amongst platform members across Europe, who each fabricate that same design using local materials. Being open source, the design may be changed or updated to allow the best possible version to be created at each location. Together with designer and maker Anne Vlaanderen of Digituig (translated: digi-tools), we take up the challenge to bring distributed design in practice. How are our goods produced? From what local materials – sourced from our own city – can we produce it? And how can we enhance the relationship we have with products. Also Anne believes that making and designing things brings ownership to the person that creates things. ‘In a world where we prefer the ease of buying over the joy of creating, it is hard to feel like you can make a difference and own the products you use’, she says. ‘By educating others in design and digital fabrication tools like 3D-printing, laser cutters, and CNC-milling machines, Digituig enables others to create change too.’

The Design Challenge

On December 21, the shortest day of the year, we will present you our version of this design. We want to challenge you to join us on this quest and make your own interpretation of the design as well.

Share your process and thoughts with us via social media (use #ddmpeu #distributeddesign) or send us an email via ddmp@dezwijger.nl. You can find the downloadable Mission To Make-Kit with all the design files on the DDMP Web-Resources website. All dimensions can be adjusted to change the use of the light. Local materials should be used to construct the shades and more complex configurations.