Designing the city

Four Italian and Dutch co-operation projects will show how they challenge the transition in Italian urban landscape.

Il mercato al centro

“Nuova Vita ai Mercati – New life to Markets” is the result of a project in Rome elaborating strategies to revitalize declining marketplaces. Public spaces are created in interaction of various social groups. Marketplaces have traditionally constituted some of the most important public spaces, attracting people from all ways of lives and all financial capabilities. In the past decades, however, they gradually lost their role: while urban and metropolitan agriculture are flourishing, and an increasing number of enterprises work on short chain food distribution, many markets in European cities are abandoned or underused. The video explores the possibilities to renew markets as public spaces, by connecting them to new agriculture initiatives, by inviting various actors to play a role in their renewal, and by creating viable economic models for their maintenance and vitality, by including new social and cultural functions.

Last year the Dutch Embassy in Rome and the Consulate General in Milan called out for urban projects about Food, Water and Energy. The purpose for this open call was to get Dutch and Italian architects, researchers and other creatives to work together on urban challenges. This resulted in a successful programme of Dutch Italian collaborations.

For the event The Italian Challenge on March 7th we invited four of these projects to Amsterdam to tell us how they worked together, the different urban challenges and future projects.