New Democracy and the Co-City

CommonsInnovative practices of City Makers as the starting point for new governance structures

13.30 – 15.00 hrs / Grote zaal

New Democracy aims to bring about change in the way democracy is organized. It investigates democratic change as a transition, looking for socio economic trends such as digitalization and emancipation on the one side, and practices of social innovators on the other, that simultaneously put pressure on the existing system forcing it into change. In this session we focus on creating new governance structures by using the ideas and initiatives of City Makers as a starting point. How does the process work? What coalitions should be build? Christian Iaione will elaborate on the experiences of LabGov in Bologna and we will discuss the plans that are being made in Amsterdam. Most importantly we hope you have or will start your own project in your own city and you will join us in a European learning community.