Sunday was the moment that City Makers from all over Europe got the chance to discover the best initiatives of Amsterdam and meet the driving forces behind them on one of the six routes in Amsterdam. From the upcoming Noord to the busy Centrum, from West to Oost and from Nieuw-West to Zuidoost, in every part of the city there is inspiration.

Also this day the program ‘We Make Europe: Cities and City Makers enhancing the (Im)Pact of Amsterdam‘ was held at FabCity. It was a co-production of URBACT, Eutropian, Agora Europe, Pakhuis de Zwijger and the Committee of the Regions. This session was held in the context of the the ‘Urban Agenda for the EU’. This agenda argues that the EU should support European cities better by working on better regulation, better workable financial instruments and better knowledge exchange between cities. The aim of the session was to connect the City Makers Movement in the elaboration of this Urban Agenda for the EU and an extensive reporting on this session can be found here.

City Expedition in Oost.

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