City Expedition in Rotterdam.Day 2 was full of City Expeditions to Zwolle, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Utrecht, Lelystad, Zaanstad, Den Haag and Maastricht. With help from the local City Embassies the local City Makers took us to some of the most inspiring initiatives in their own city.

The City Expeditions brought delegations from City Makers from The Netherlands and Europe to a wide variety of projects. Stories about design and architecture in Maastricht and Zaanstad, to a talk about co-creation and democracy in Zwolle and the search for social cohesion in Lelystad. In The Hague there was big attention for green, and in Eindhoven we visited a number of upcoming incubators.

In Rotterdam the program was curated by the re:Kreators network and the expedition in Utrecht went to the Campus Party and VerchtclubXL. Prominent participant on these two expeditions was Markku Markkula, the President of the Committee of the Regions.

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